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vancouver, bc, canada
techno minimal tech/deep
<dub> house

target circuitry

tobias hails from Vancouver B.C., Canada. tobias has been enmeshed with musikal resistance culture since 1993, djing house and techno, organising events and producing music under the monikers saibot and saibotuk. Mixing a passion for music, politics and writing through his research as an academic and through his musical-visual explorations, tobias works as a freelance multimedia photojournalist, soundscape artist and guerilla situationnist. Musically, he djs and produces experimental techno/house, from microsound to altered dub & bangin' loops, as well as audioart/radioart material. He likes manual typewriters, minimalism, aural pleasure, black squares, espresso & ginnantonnix and freeclimbing.

mixtapes & real audio
please contact if you are interested in a mixtape or cd.

Live in a B.C. Forest  (Not-So-Perfect Mixtape Vol.2). Fall 1997. Detroit and dutch techno. A live recording from an outdoor event in the wilderness of British Columbia. Out of stock.

Music For Buildings April 1998. Hard techno, hard house, minimal techno, tech-house. Composed reactions from playing free outdoor events in the modernist jungle of downtown Vancouver. Warning: poor copy.

Real Audio Side 1 :: Real Audio Side 2

Claustrophobia October 1998. Hard minimal techno, minimal techno, electro, gritty dub minimal. 90 minutes in a box.

Real Audio Side 1 :: Real Audio Side 2

Metropolis January, 666-1. Hard-up fast furious techno, hard, minimal, funky. 60 minutes with a gerbil in your shorts.

Real Audio Side1 :: Real Audio Side 2

Satyricon October 1999. A live recording from the gathering of underground soundsystems <ST>, B-Side, TeamLounge and HQ Communications. Featuring dj Construct playing electro on track 1 (36 mins.) Dj Tobias playing minimal techno on three decks with effects on track 2 (36 mins). Available on CD or tape.

Real Audio of tobias from the Satyricon recording ::