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Dub Terrorism 101-

Kuma: A Japanese noun meaning Bear.

What?:  Drone and bass: DnB? An ecelctic crossbreed of ambience and breakbeats. Drum and bass meets dub, drones and hip hop in a head-on collision that is suited just as well to the dancefloor as it is for the chill room.

Who?: Currently residing in Vancouver, Kuma is a true denizen of the world. Having been born in Bristol, England and having spent time in Japan, Los Angeles and other parts of Canada, he brings an inspired view of the world to his dub terrorism.

Why?: Why the hell not? In a day, age and scene where electronic music is continually co-opted, converted to fit advertisements and corrupted, someone needs to take a different approach. Kuma believes highly in freeing people from the tyranny of the dancefloor that holds many people both physically and mentally.

Statement Of Action: At it's most basic, its about moving people. Providing that rare moment when the hair rises on the back of your neck and you shiver because the sounds coming from the speaker invoke a certain set of feelings. Provide the listener with something that makes them smile, that makes them groove, that makes them THINK. To alter someones way of thinking, to change their perception of a subject in one way or another is the highest acheivement of an artist.

The time for change is now. Fuck playing games. Subversion, even at the most silent levels is the ultimate form of revolution. Can you dig it?

Influences: DJ Spooky, Psychic T.V, DVOA, Omni Trio, Mick Harris, Coil, DJ Krush, Techno Animal, Ed Rush, Bauhaus, This Mortal Coil, Merzbow, J. Majik, Not Breathing, Phunckateck, Pole, Andrew Weatherall, DJ Vadim, Optical, Underworld, Ninja Tune, Download, Cocteau Twins, Ken Ishii.

Future Tense: Just when you thought it was safe to step back on the dancefloor, things change.
Now a member of Vancouver esoteric audio fiends, Team Lounge, Kuma can be found corrupting the minds of the chill-out set even more than ever before. But it doesn't end there.

The Konspiracy Sound System is Kuma's latest project and even now only at its very beginning, it has already laid the groundwork for the wrecking of preconceptions. Taking inspiration from the traditional Dub sound systems of yore, the KSS combine the finely honed drum and bass instincts of the Kuma with the sublime vocals of Miss Behavior and MC Bite Me to create a soundtrack for stealing souls. More information and a North American tour forthcoming.


tapes $7

Susukino Sounds Dark organic and electronic drones inspired by the 
red light district of Sapporo, Japan

Music Not For Psychick Youth Abstract beat mash up of jungle, hip hop and ambience

Ichi Dubhop and minimal abstract beats (December 1998).

Ni Dubwise abstraction, heavy bass and naughty beats.

San The last in the "mittsu" series of drone and bass. Ebbs, swirls, minimal beats and bass on the dark and melancholy tip.

Everything But The Midget A live 2x4 recorded with DJ Tawney in Seattle at the Speakeasy Cafe. Experimental excursions into ambience, noise and dub.

Songs My Mistress Taught Me The first live mix from the Konspiracy Sound System.

Japan, Oregon, Seattle, Vancouver, L.A. Not Breathing, Wiggle Kru, Dekoze, Dean DeCosta, Matty,  Tyger Dhula, Dub Gnostic, Paola, Wood, Matt Holland,Tawney, DJ Oda and countless others. Further references available upon request seen?