dub gnostic

Ontario/BC, Canada
techno and house, experimental


Future Theories radio (tuesday nights)

Dave Bodrug. Producer/Promoter/Disc Jockey/Journalist.
1991-present (semi-retired)

Contact: d @ technowest . org

Music Genres: techno, house, experimental, ambient, dub

Artist Pseudonyms:
Dub Gnostic
The Alchemist
Dave Baphomet

Releases: "Creston Blue" (co-written with Ben Nevile) Mosiac Records UK #32

Dave Bodrug has long been involved in raising awareness to experimental music since the early nineties through his multimedia installation projects. His productions have operated with budgets to $30,000 and attendences to 1350, and often featured collaboration with industry leaders from North America and Europe. His productions have also given him production management experience dealing with up to 10 subcontractors. The events have taken place in the Canadian cities of London, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria. In addition to these productions, he's organized international tours and assisted in artist development through his technowest collaboration with Tobias c. Van Veen. In 1998 he managed the (now defunct) record label Bug Girl Sound: British Columbia's first dedicated techno imprint. While still collecting music, his active role in the electronic community is presently in hiatus (although he still accepts bookings) as he completes his B.A. and M.A. degrees.

Promotional Highlights:


Climax: London Regional Art Gallery: London, Ontario
Featuring: John Acquaviva, Richie Hawtin, Nick Holder


Xenophrenic: London, Ontario
Featuring: Fred Gianelli (Psychic TV), Jeff Milligan, John Aquaviva.
Fused experimental electronic music with experimental lighting and video.


Scanner Live: McLaughlin Planetarium: Toronto, Ontario
Featuring: Scanner (UK), Kelli Hand, Paul Johnson
Programmed video, lighting and lazer show for Planetarium concert.


Boob: Toronto, Ontario
Featuring: Nonplace Urban Field (Burnt Friedman, ~scape, Germany), David Kristian (Montreal), Algorithm (Toronto)


Premonition: Victoria, British Columbia
Featuring: Echoplex (Poland/Detroit)
Parking lot multimedia installation.


New Moon Series: Vancouver, British Columbia
Featuring: Jeremy Caulfield, tobias c. van Veen, Tyler Stadius, Jarkko
Indoor/Outdoor installations.

Dub Gnostic Presents: Vancouver, British Columbia
Featuring: John Acquaviva, Phil Western, Perfume Tree
Series of club events at Celebrities and The Starfish Room.


Free Maison: Sombrio Beach, British Columbia
Featuring: Interchill Records
Outdoor installation in Old Growth Rainforest environment.


Neptune Soundbar: Victoria, British Columbia
Featuring: Perlon Records, Mike Grant, A:XUS, Mike Shannon, Tyler Stadius
Promotions Director, collaborated with other clubs and talent buyers in the region, facilitated graphic design and street promotions.


3 National Tours. International Destinations have included Boulder (Colorado), Austin (Texas), Seattle (Washington) and Edinburgh (Scotland).

DJ Residencies:

As DJ No-Body: Destiny Fridays (1993-1994, Toronto, Ontario)
Further (1994-1996, London, Ontario)
Spadina Hotel's Ambient Mondays (1995, Toronto, Ontario)
Dolphin Intelligence Network (1994-1996, London and Toronto)
Transcendance (1994-1995, Toronto, Ontario)
Bacchus (1995, London, Ontario)

As The Alchemist: Fusion (1997, Vancouver, British Columbia)
Paradigm Shift (1997-1998)
Operation Organic (1995-1997)

As Dub Gnostic: Orca (2000, Victoria, British Columbia)
Future Theories (2001-2003)
New Moon (1998), Together 604 Network (1998)
Harvest Festival (2000-2001, Toronto, Ontario)

Throughout his career he has DJ'd alongside notable talents:

Terry Mullan, Dan Curtain, Dan Bell, Mike Grant, Octave One, Richie Hawtin, Miss DJAX, The Acid Junkies, Underground Resistance, Freddy Fresh, Freaky Chakra, DubTribe, Random Noise Generation, Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Scanner, Hyperactive, Fred Everything, Dead Voices On Air, Nonplace Urban Field, David Kristian, Fred Gianelli, Kelli Hand, 'Evil' Eddie Richards, Legion of Green Men, Mike Dearborne, T-1000, Aux 88, Freddie Fresh, DBX, Cosmic Baby, The Art of Trance, Fierce Ruling Diva, Deee-Lite, John Acquaviva, Rolando, Suburban Knight, Altitude, D. Wynn and Mike Huckaby to name a few.

Journalism and Graphic Design:
-Wrote for Monday Magazine, Phat Magazine, Offbeat (1998-2000, Victoria, BC)
-Self-produced Magazines: Free Articulations of Random Thought (1993-4)
NADA (1994)
-Versed in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Community Work:
-Harm Reduction Awareness Campaigns via Print Literature and Counselling.
-Peace Movement Activism in both Vancouver and London