technoWest: 1997 - 2002

Fall 2004: As a West Coast affiliation of, and as an organisation of like-minded techno experimentalists, technoWest has come to pass. Since the decline of techno subculture, technoWest artists have continued to produce compelling music, organise strange events, and maintain the banner of the freak fight. This site serves as a partial archive of that time (1997-2002). Please feel free to browse the (out-of-date) resources of this late '90s West Coast techno resurgence. There are many great artists buried in these pages! And why not, feel free to drop us a line (remove the NOSPAM) and get in touch, we are always happy to hear from creative people. Though we do NOT want to be put on your mailing list. Finally, check our links page for technoWest affiliates .. who may or may not still be in existence. Contact: admin @ technowest . org .

Eventually this domain will see West Coast projects from the technoWest admin tobias c. van Veen.

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